1 February 2023

Back to Basics – Steak Hacks

All you need to cook restaurant quality steak at home.   

If ordering a steak is your ‘go to’ when you’re eating out, but you lack the confidence to cook it at home, here are our top tips to cooking the perfect steak.  

More information about how to cook the perfect steak, can be found on our 'Make it Steak' page too.

10 Top Tips to cook the perfect steak  

1. Remove steaks from the fridge at least 20 minutes before cooking, to bring them up to room temperature   

2. Use the right sized frying/griddle pan – if in doubt bigger is better. If too small, the temperature will fall when you add the steaks and you won’t achieve a lovely caramelised steak.

3. Ensure the frying or griddle pan is very hot before cooking - to ensure you get a nice, delicious crust on your steak.

4. Oil the steaks on both sides, not the pan, before cooking and use an oil with a high smoke point like rapeseed, sunflower or vegetable oil. Use a pastry brush if you have one, or use your fingers to coat the steak. By oiling the steak and not the pan it prevents the steak from burning and sticking to the heated surface and helps to caramelise your steak.  

5. After oiling, season your steak on both sides with salt & pepper. 

6. Don’t  pan–fry or griddle too many steaks at a time, as you risk the temperature of the pan dropping rapidly and the steaks will stew in their own juices 

7. Always use tongs to check your steaks - never turn by sticking a fork in, as it releases the tasty meat juices into your pan, which reduces the succulence of your steakSimilarly, never cut into your steak with a knife to see if it’s ready to eat either, as yowill lose the steak meat juices. 

8. Grab your kitchen timer, and cook your steak for the desired times to achieve the right amount of cooking for your taste; 


Rare 2-3 mins on each side

Medium rare 3-4 mins on each side

Medium 4-5 mins on each side

Well done 6-7 mins on each side


9. Once cooked, transfer your steak to a plate/chopping board to let it rest at room temperature for a few minutes before serving. This rest will allow the even distribution of the delicious meat juices back into your steak, retaining succulence.

10. Use any pan juices from your rested steak to make an accompanying sauce such as peppercorn saucediane sauce or a red wine sauce to name a few.  


Now that you have all these handy tips and tricks - why not try one of these?